So, What’s So Good About Men?

So, what’s so good about men?  Sounds like an introduction from a female stand-up comic routine, right? Or maybe part of a conversation between supportive friends after a bad break-up.  Actually this is more of a provocative question than perhaps considered at first glance. But think about it.

Consider the kind of responses you might hear related to the subject of what are some examples of exclusive positive female attributes. “Kind, gentle, caring, nurturing and compassionate” will represent some of the references commonly used to describe women. Now, let us query accolades associated with men.  Anticipated feedback may well include indications such as” strong, assertive and driven”.  

But such terms can be similarly be applied to women. In fact, to propose that men are exclusively gifted by nature of gender infers that women are somehow deficient or lesser.  Such beliefs can be interpreted as blasphemous.  No ethical person should want to detract from the multitude of courageous strides women have made over recent decades. 

These successes are undeniable and have been responsible for highlighting the amazing array of legitimate talents and virtues deserved solely by our distaff partners. To fail to acknowledge the uniqueness of women is a veritable social slur indicative of severe insult on the basis of disrespect and irreverence, as rooted in ignorance. But on the other hand, are men entitled to any positive masculine qualifiers? There are plenty of pejorative descriptors of males (aggressive, hostile, forceful, attacking, violent.)  But what are the merits of men in today’s world?   

Are men worthy of any distinctive affirmation and subsequent recognition?  Can we find a clear path for men to walk in harmony with our revered sisters on this planet?  I believe this is a topic worthy of further discussion. Additional communication should afford much to clarify this curious, albeit murky, subject.  Let us search together for the solutions.

We are all better off living in a world manifest in the spirit of harmony and mutual respect   Please feel free to contribute by sharing thoughts and feelings to this discussion. So, please tell me “what’s so good about men”?

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