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Are you feeling out of sorts, down in the dumps or depressed and can’t seem to shake these feelings?

For many individuals, coming to terms to these situations can be challenging and often a bit daunting. Experiencing feelings of frustration and depression will affect your daily life by impairing your thoughts and behaviors.

At times, you may be feeling so stuck that you just don’t know where to turn which leads to a greater sense of hopelessness and further fuels the downhill spiral already in progress.

Excessive worry and panic are also unhealthy conditions that interfere with basic daily functioning. Anxiety is the cousin of depression.

Be aware that there are treatment options available to slay your emotional demons and restore peace of mind. When we set out to discover the root causes of symptoms significant improvements manifest. New healthier patterns of coping are established. 

Engaging in the therapeutic process can help get you back on track.

You will be afforded the support you need and start on a recovery plan such that feeling better can readily begin anew.  You will be encouraged to challenge unhealthy cognitive distortions and replace them with evidence based workable solutions.

Who Do I Help?

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Couples Therapy

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Family Therapy




Individual Session Therapy

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Individual Child or Adolescent Therapy

My therapy services will empower you to choose strategic steps through your personalized treatment plan geared for growth and success.

I can gently guides you through a compassionate journey of transformation by employing the use of active listening, offering supportive feedback and welcoming your input as you reflect on your personal experiences related to your life history.   

In this manner, you work collaboratively to better understand your past and plan for an enhanced presence and future.

Start living the life you are entitled to by scheduling your first session today. The time for change is now.

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