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About Don Barry

My approach encompasses compassion and building trust.


I have been in clinical practice for over 20 years. I take pride in assisting others find healthy solutions to impending issues. By means of a collaborative approach, I encourages clients to assume an active role in the therapeutic process. Subsequent goals and objectives are established such that a path to progress is clearly illuminated.

I've always been a very professional, compassionate therapist always ready to go the extra mile for all my clients. With my flexible scheduling and arrangements we can meet in my office or other locations as is warranted according to circumstances.

Please feel free to contact me and schedule a phone call for a short discussion related to your concerns which is offered at no cost.

In this way you can gain a feeling related to the fit and connectivity and consider the prospect of taking initial steps to begin the journey of life enrichment.


Please complete our Contact us form here. Or call us by phone at (630) 428-1828 and book your complimentary 15-minute call with Mr. Barry. 

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